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†¤Your beautiful with bullet holes in your skull...¤†

†¤...And red looks good on you too¤†

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♥Im Danielle, Danyelle, Dee, Dani, Dawn*

I ♥ tattoos, piercings, car shows, & pin-up!!

Music is my life.

Im A NUT but if you can get past that then we will be good friends =D!!!

Being normal is boring as hell!!!


I smoke a lot of dank!

People either ♥ me or Hate me!

Dont Involve Me In YOUR Drama!!

I LOVE meeting new people.

I hate people who think that they are better then everyone else. Dont come at me with your cocky attitude!

My Family & friends mean the most to me,...

I DO NOT LIE, nor do i like people who do.

I dont give a shit if I offend you!!

Im quiet at times, and at other times you cant get me to shut up,....

I like being a goof ball, and doing silly things to make people laugh.

I get along with guys a lot more then I do girls, its not ment to come across like im trying to get at your boyfriend, hes probably just a lot more down to earth then you are. So dont bring that drama towards me or you'll get my fist in your face.

I ♥ me some tattooed boys!!!=p

I dont have to time or patience for stupidity or people who think they know everything, cuz news flash, you dont know everything, no one does!

[[If you wanna talk your shit then go for it, its just making me famous. And honestly I could give a shit less of what you have to say about me because if you were really anything to begin with you would know all the bullshit isnt true!!!]]

Im a hopeless romantic.I always find myself falling for the wrong guy, and usually end up getting hurt.

Trust NO man

Fear NO bitch

Kiss NO ass
Contact me for special effects makeup,photography, & haunted attraction building/acting/decorating etc.: